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I have no reason to doubt you, but our experience has been exactly the opposite of each other. I processed both Kodak Gold200 and ColorPlus200 at the same time and had them printed with the same machine... to get very different results.
OK, I'll admit that I was being a bit mischevious in inferring that the films might be identical. Accepting that they are different, the printing machine, scanner, or whatever, must then be correctly adjusted for each type of film to get the best results. If not, obviously different results.....

Still, I suggest, a lot of hype in packing virtually identical films for different markets. I live near the site of one of the former Kodak factories in the UK where films were finished and packed, and a close friend who worked there confirms that film from identical master rolls was finished under different names for different markets. (I have no reason to doubt this, it was well after the factory closed and he took early retirement, he was previously under a confidentiality employment contract.) No different to many other products.