you know what? either are great. you are lucky if you have a choice. c-41s nowadays can be difficult to find because so many were skipped in recent years. when i got my c-41 a couple of years ago i didn't have a any choice and was limited by the basement ceiling height, so the tecnolab was all i had available.
i would consider the support/servicing situation is like before you choose too.
i have a tecnolab at the moment and am very happy with it, the control that you have is great but i have found that the computer boards have needed replacing a little too regularly, but the guys at capix send them out pretty swiftly and i just slot them in.
whilst i prefer the feel of the refrema build quality and racks the tecnolab 5x4 & 10x8 racks are better for getting film taut with sprung tension clips,the program-ability of the push/pull feature ( to the second) on the tecnolab is great as is the temp control and replenishment. the lift is very smooth too, good enough for 220 film in narrow tanks, but again you can control the lift cycle time too if you are worried, slowing it down to minimise swing.
both companies make solid reliable machines.
for the money i paid it was a very sound investment as i am processing at least 50 rolls a day and can count the serious issues on one hand.