A few months ago I bought a B & J Grover 8 x 10 for the lens, Packard shutter and back off of E-bay for US$50. The idea was build a system kit, 5 x 4 to 8 x 10 around my other B & J camera which is of the non monorail variety ie VERY heavy and not terrible practical in the field. My wife tells me it must weigh over 20lbs. So, to lighten the load, i've had the Grover out with a view to using it.

The last few days i've been refurbishing the monorail including stripping it of its ugly grey paint. The red bellows have been tidied up with red liquid isulation tape and all in all it looks quite pretty. Unfortunately I can't use it because the tripod mount is missing.

Do any of you have any ideas on how I could construct such an animal using DIY tools and knowledge?