I haven't said anything about fix rate, just wash rate. I don't know what I have backwards regarding pH and swell. If you're referring to the longer diffusion path slightly slowing down the washing of the emulsion layer as swell increases, I'm just pointing out it does say that in the text. The only definitive reference to an alkaline pH increasing wash efficiency is in the section on alkaline baths which I cited above. I guess what you're saying is the effect of an alkaline bath can essentially be combined with the fixing process in an alkaline fixer. Fair enough I guess.

I'm sorry if this is repetitive but when I read the other threads, and various other articles and books I did not find anything conclusive enough. I don't think it is a waste of time to challenge things like this. Photographic processing is a field full of myths, traditions often lacking any supporting evidence, and plain bad information. The fact companies like Kodak are not involved in research anymore has not helped. For a long time now it has been up to individuals, some skilled, some not, to come up with new commercial products and formulas. That's nice, but how are we to know if these things actually work as claimed?