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I have just found out the cost of 70mm perforated ( http://www.ag-photographic.co.uk/hp5...ted-3470-p.asp ). Well... I am affraid, I am to stick with out-of-date Kodak... Or, I should buy fresh HP-5 in 120 rolls as it would be almost 3 times cheaper! In 2009 Martin Reed mentioned completely different range of prices...
I am in a similar situation - I have a 70mm back and was going to order a roll to support the ULF run, but at this price (220GBP=$340 for 50', which is about 18 rolls of 120; maybe it's slightly cheaper at other vendors?) there is no way I can justify it. I don't expect Ilford to sell it to me for less than it costs to make, but likewise I can't pay over 4x the price of 120.

For comparison, I'm buying fresh Rollei IR400 from macodirect for $87/100', which is nearly 8x cheaper. I am honestly surprised at that price differential.