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Profoto and Gold are not the same. Profoto (aka ProImage) has slightly less contrast and saturation. I believe it is sold as a professional film in certain regions of the world.

I have found that its tonality and contrast are similar to Portra 160, but it has larger grain. I have used it quite a lot, and for a film of that price level, I like it a lot. I also have a lot in my freezer; at least 200 rolls.
Kodak ProImage 100 was/maybe still is a pro film, 35mm only, that was sold in 5 packs and did not require refrigeration. When I used it (late 90s - early 2000s) it was made in Kodak's new Chinese factory (I assume that factory has now gone the way of all the others). It was cheaper and aimed at volume photographers eg schools, grads etc. It was a very good film for its purpose and also had the bonus that it would print on the analogue minilabs of the day using the same channel as the Gold films. I have no idea if it was essentially the same as Gold 100 as that is a film I never used but given that Kodak manufactured the same consumer films in a number of different factories ProImage could well have been rebadged Chinese Gold. OzJohn