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As a possible extension of the Harman special sheet film production scheme, is there any interest in something similar in FP4/HP5 in 70mm perforated?

Having run it past the planners at Harman, they are prepared to cut it as a special order for Silverprint. We would have to order a minimum of 60 cans of 30 metres, in either film type, and keeping it priced as competitively as possible it would sell at 80.00 + VAT per roll. This price is not significantly more than the equivalent sq. metres in 35mm 30 metres, so Harman are being supportive here. We would take a chance in holding some stock, but would like around 60-70% of it covered with committed orders to go ahead.

When we first discussed it, Simon Galley estimated it would need a 20-30k order to kick it off - this then came down to 120 cans, so 60 cans is a big concession from Harman. So is there enough of a user base in 70mm to keep a regular supply of the format on tap, in very popular emulsions? We await the response with interest.
Martin Reed at Silverprint had mentioned 2009 prices for 100' rolls. Was the technology and cost of silver so much cheaper that particular year?
For comparison I'll quote from http://www.photomemorabilia.co.uk/Il...anchorTimeLine
"1992. Ilford 100 Delta film announced at Photokina. The recommended guide price for a 36exposure cassette was 3.50p."
The difference in price in 1992 and 2013 you can judge yourself...