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I'm not disagreeing. It is complex and I understand even in Haist's case there was a lot he could not say. I was merely trying to find some supporting evidence - theoretical or experimental - for the blanket claims made by people regarding the favourability of alkaline fixers. It seemed to me it is a little less straight forward than "pH up = washing time down". If Ron is saying that is sound, I am ok with it. But I still haven't seen any data on relative washing times for commercial products such as TF-4, or non-commercial formulas. Obviously I don't have every book or article, which is why I was asking the question.
I am afraid there is no publicly available data on this or it would have been posted here (or elsewhere) already. Since test kits for retained Silver Halide and retained Thiosulfate are readily available, it should take little effort to do some test runs at different pH values for both fixation and washing. Care is advised when chosing the compounds for lowering or raising pH as they might interfere with fixation themselves.