1. 45 M
2. No. Natural world.
3. 1985
4. Pentax 645, Mamiya RB67 Nikon Dslr
5. Standard systems and chemistry
- have always enjoyed it
- enjoy hands on work
- sit at computer too much during the day
- VERY SATISIFING to create one's own prints in a darkroom; slow, methodical and creative approach
- digital work is so often done on a trial and error basis - shoot, delete, shoot again etc. Analogue promotes more thought throughout the process. It slows everything down. If you've got only 10 frames on a film, you've got to make them count.

7. No. For me it's not about the subject so much, as about the interpretation or creation of the artwork. This can of course be done in either medium, I just happen to like film.

8. Yes

9. Very hard to say, since the processes are so different, and I use digital for very different subjects
10. Digital has it's place - very quick and simple.
11. I could use more hours in a day.