1. Age and gender: > Male 51
2. Do you shoot professionally (digital and/or analog)? What subjects do you shoot in that case? > No
3. When did you start shooting analogically, and when did you start photographing (if you started out with digital photography)? > 1974
4. What equipment (camera) do you use? If you use multiple cameras, you can write down all of them and which one you use the most. > Oh, too many. Mostly Pentax and Minolta 35mm SLRs. Also, various rangefinders, a Mamiya 645m, and Yashicamat 124. Digital I have a Pentax K200D.
5. Do you develop your film yourself, and what technique do you use in that case? > Yes. Both B/W and C-41
6. Why do you shoot analogically and what benefits do you think there is with analogue photography? Feel free to respond as fully as possible on this matter. For example, if you shoot analogically because of the appearance of the photos, please describe specifically what it is in the look that you like, etc. If there are many different reasons, please write down all. (This is the most important question) > I like my film cameras better than my digital camera as my film cameras are MUCH easier to use and not all plastic stuff. Also, I find myself annoyed at cameras having become computer peripherals. Have to work at computers all day and would rather not do it for hobby projects as well. That being said, I have no fundamental problem with digital photography, just like analog better. A good photograph can be produced either way.
7. Are there any particular subjects that you think that analogue photography is particularly suitable for, respectively not suitable for? Personally, landscapes. But that's also what I often photograph.
8. Will you continue to shoot analogically in the future? Yes, as long as possible to do so.

If you also shoot digitally:
9. Approximately how much of your photography do you estimate that you shoot analogically? 98% or greater.
10. What is it that makes you not photograph only analogically? Sports, specifically soccer. Digital shines here. Obviously no need to change film, although you might have to change batteries, and digital positives ready to go. Again, though, I often have a film SLR in the bag and use that as well for a roll or two.
11. Is there anything that could make you photograph analogically even more? Probably not, other than having more time available.