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Don't be a slave to a back pack ...
Yep. Learned my lesson.

That's me on a German vacation in 2004. I still have the backpack, and use it for storage and transport in the car; but it hasn't been on my back since. Each trip after that, I traveled lighter and lighter, camera-wise.

Now, having said that, all honesty compels me to tell you that it is going to Iceland this Fall with Bill Schwab and his tour. So, it will be filled up again. However, this is a special case: we will be on a photo trip, and have transportation. But, if I'm a regular tourist, I'm there to enjoy my vacation and not to take pictures. Something small and light (and probably not mention-able on APUG) is all that is needed for a vacation.

As usual, your mileage may vary. For one thing, it depends on how you shoot normally and what gear you own. With all those variables, it's hard to give a pat answer.