1. 55, male
2. No
3. 1967-1968 (long break) then starting again in 1986.
4. Primarily 35mm gear (Canon FD, Canon EOS, Contax, Minolta MD, Nikon), plus Mamiya 645 Pro and Yashica Mat 124G
5. Yes, I use a daylight Paterson tank for B&W film. I do not process my own color.
6. I prefer the simplicity of film and film cameras (even the latest most advanced ones) over the bewildering array of decisions and menu options I face when I pick up a digital camera. I keep thinking that shooting large format cameras must be so restful.
7. Put another way, I think the instantaneous nature of digital gives it a huge advantage over film with regards to news and event photography, and sports. Everything else, if you're only shooting for yourself, is really just about personal choice. Either works just fine.
8. Yes
9. ~97% analog
10. I am not at all adept at flash photography, and the instant feedback is very useful.
11. My DSLR could go for a swim...