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Hi, guys,

I have been working with E6 processing for a while now, and I've been trying to calibrate push processing timings. I'm hoping to base the calibration on E6 control strip readings. But I have one question - how does the densitometer reading relate to f-stop? For example, when the speed step is, say -0.1 units off the aim point - is it roughly 1/3 stop, or some x number of stops, slow? In another words, if I were to push process the control strip by +1 stop, how much deviation am I expected to see in the speed step - would it be -0.3 units from the aim point?

I would most appreciate some help or pointers in interpreting densitometer units.

There are a lot of experts here but it seems that they didn't want to answer your question. If you increase exposure by 1 stop the density would be lower by a little bit more than 0.3 density. I don't know if you push 1 stop it would be the same or not as pushing and pulling affect the contrast.