1. 45, female
2. No
3. Given an Instamatic at age 5 and started borrowing my dad's 35mm at age 10 (in the 1970s). Added a dSLR in 2010.
4. Geez - Pentax 645N (the most, maybe), Hasselblad 503cxi, Pentax PZ1p, Pentax H1a, Cambo 4x5 monorail, Speed Graphic, Crown Graphic (might sell it), and various folders, Holgas, and pinholes.
5. I develop my own B&W with daylight tanks and send out any color.
6. Mostly because I like to print in the darkroom. I enjoy the feeling of "I made this." I feel like I have more control in the darkroom and it's more fun to learn new ways of doing something. I'm a forensic chemist (though currently not working as one) and don't mind using chemicals to do different things. (check out Mordancage, for one example).
7. Suitable for anything you want a photo of.
8. Yup.

If you also shoot digitally:
9. Never counted. I likely shoot more total frames digitally, but have more keepers with film. Though more of my son on digital.
10. Keeping up with an active son (currently 3 years old).
11. More free time.