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Hello everyone! I wasn't sure where to put this thread, so moderators may move it to another category!

I just wanted to check if someone around here wanted to answer some questions about analog photography for a project I'm doing in school? That would be cool. The answers will be treated anonymously.

1. Age and gender
57 male

2. Do you shoot professionally (digital and/or analog)? What subjects do you shoot in that case?
I do not shoot professionally, though I have (finally) reached the stage where I occasionally sell prints for more than I put into them. My subjects for these tend to be still lifes and abstractions, with the occasional landscape thrown in. (I recently started doing fashion work, and really enjoyed it; I hope to do more of this in the future) All of the above are analog work. I DO do one digital project each year - the front of house photos for a community theatre company.

3. When did you start shooting analogically, and when did you start photographing (if you started out with digital photography)?
I started shooting as a child, and did a bit of darkroom work as a teenager, but left that aside to pursue a career in music/theatre/education. I returned to analog photography after a short stint of digital photography about 10 years ago.

4. What equipment (camera) do you use? If you use multiple cameras, you can write down all of them and which one you use the most.
I use formats from 35mm to 8x10. my favourites are my Rolleiflex 3.5f, my Calumet 4x5, Burke & James 8x10, Nikon N-80, Pentax Spotmatic-f, Olympus XA, etc., etc.

5. Do you develop your film yourself, and what technique do you use in that case?
I develop all my black and white, but send my colour work out to a lab about 4000 miles away. I develop my 35mm and 120 in tanks, and prefer to do my sheet film in trays.

6. Why do you shoot analogically and what benefits do you think there is with analogue photography? Feel free to respond as fully as possible on this matter. For example, if you shoot analogically because of the appearance of the photos, please describe specifically what it is in the look that you like, etc. If there are many different reasons, please write down all. (This is the most important question)
I shoot analog because I find a certain synergy between myself, the camera, the film, developer, paper, etc. While I do not disagree with those who say that it is not "about" the equipment, I do find that I work differently depending on the camera and the intended process of my film or paper. I print a lot of images using Caffenol (instant coffee) and when I do so, it influences everything from choice of subject, composition, lighting. When I shoot with my Rolleiflex TLR, the square image in the viewfinder held at chest level greatly influences my composition. Composing on the ground glass of a large format view camera is both complex yet zen-like in its way my mind enters a different kind of space when I am working. These are things that are quite specific to the format/type of camera, and do not seem to present themselves when I work with digital.

7. Are there any particular subjects that you think that analogue photography is particularly suitable for, respectively not suitable for?
I find, as stated above, that each camera imposes its process upon me, and therefore, upon my subject. My work is 99% analog, so there are few subjects for which I do not have a suitable camera available. The trick is not to carry too much gear. In fact, I occasionally carry the "wrong" camera on a shooting expedition, simply to challenge myself to make my photographs in spite of the limitations of my gear. If I carried every conceivable camera in the back of a truck, I would spend far too much time choosing, and not enough shooting.

8. Will you continue to shoot analogically in the future?
As long as I can find film and papers.

If you also shoot digitally:
9. Approximately how much of your photography do you estimate that you shoot analogically?
99% of my work is analog.

10. What is it that makes you not photograph only analogically?
As stated above, I have one project a year where the client requests digital files in a short time frame. In that case, I shoot digitally.

11. Is there anything that could make you photograph analogically even more?
Yes... If I had an unlimited film/paper/chemicals budget.

You can answer directly in the thread or post me a message, whatever works. Thanks in advance!
Good luck.