Up for sale is my Mamiya RZ Pro camera, waist level finder, with a RZ 90mm, a RB 65mm and and RB 180mm (please note this is an RZ, not an RZii). Glass on all lenses is immaculate with no scratches, marks or defects. There are also four backs: 2-6x7's, a 6x6 which can be used as with 120 or 220 film and a polaroid back. Includes power winder (not pictured), covers for backs and the original boxes for the camera, 2 backs and winder. Lens have original rear covers but I didn't like the Mamiya front caps, so I bought Nikon front caps which work fine. All three backs have the metal dark slides.

Camera last had a CLA five years ago (no, I don't still have the receipt) but I do not have any problems with it. I am the second owner and the camera has been regularly used for the last couple of years as my primary hobby camera. One of the 6x7 backs only works in the portrait position but the other two have no problems; other than that, I don't have any issues which are not user-generated. Shutters are accurate and apertures on all lenses are smooth and snappy. I can provide more pictures if you want.

Reason for selling: I have a co-worker who has a large number of Rolleiflexes he is wanting to sell and I want to fund the purchase of a pair of them. As much as I like the Mamiya, I enjoy using TLR's more. In addition, my 5x7 is getting a lot more use.

Asking $800 including shipping to North America; open to reasonable offers. Overseas available for the extra shipping cost but beware, it is close to 20lbs. PayPal preferred but we can talk about that; I will pay the fees. Shipping must be by tracked and insured post and the price accurately marked on forms. Buyer has the 7-day option of returning but pays all shipping/fees. Percentage to APUG.