Hi folks,
In doing my best to comply with the ongoing directive to sell what is loosely referred to as my "stuff", it dawned on me that maybe a good way to do that would be to simply offer some box lots. So in line with that idea (or delusion depending on your point of view), if you buy one of these, you'll get a medium size USPS Priority Mail box. Just think...Christmas in May! As you probably have already figured, this deal is going to be best for people in the USA. In fact, the price I'm going to offer is for USA only. If you're in another country, please contact me and I'll see what we can do.

So let's take a look at what's in box number one, shall we? Sorry, no pictures. If it is important to you to have pictures, please let me know.

1. a Chinon CG-5 SLR with a Ricoh 1:2 50mm lens. This camera works fine. Good meter, missing the depth of field preview lever, what I'd call average wear. Clear lens with snappy aperture and smooth focus. Clean mirror. Nice action. Very capable k-mount camera. I last used this camera about 8 or 9 years ago. I remember taking one very nice picture of my wife. No case.
2. Vivitar screwmount (M42) 135mm/2.8 lens. Slide-out hood, smooth focus, good glass. Snappy aperture which doesn't open totally (I'd say it stops around 2.9 or 3.0). No damage, little wear showing, no case
3. Screwmount (M42) lens tripler. Looks fine. Has both caps, clean glass, no case.
4. New Cokin Optilight UV filter in the box. 46mm
5. P&B Vivitar Close-Up lens set (3) in leather case and original box with data sheet. Looks to be in new/unused condition. 46mm
6. a stack of 46mm filters...one UV, one 4x ND-6, one haze, one Kenko that I really can't tell much about
7. The Ikoblitz flash attachment
8. A German-made flash swivel. Really a pretty neat gizmo. Allows the flash to be set at any angle and locked into place. One end fits into the camera shoe and the other end fits over the flash shoe tab. chrome or polished stainless and aluminum.
9. A 80-200mm RMC Tokina (1:4.5) lens in M42 mount. Smooth, looks very nice, good glass, no zoom creep, has close focus. A decent lens. No caps, no case.
10. One remote shutter cable...about 12~14 inches long with lock.
11. One in the box Kodak Step-down ring (52 to 29.5mm). Originally made for the Instamatic Reflex, you can use this to mount 52mm filters on any lens with a 29.5mm threaded end or you could use it as a funnel to pour things into a beer bottle. That is if you were really bored with life. If you did some rigging, you may be able to use it as a silhouette appliance for a 52mm lens.

Send me $25 (check, cash or money order) and this marvelous parcel of pleasure will be cheerfully mailed to you...USA only.