Ok, the last of the box lot offers for now. Like the others, this will be a medium sized USPS Priority Mail box. USA only at this price. If you're in another country, please talk to me and I'll see what the options are.

What's in the box? Well, let's take a look. I think you should enjoy this one:

1. A fully working but not necessarily pretty Miranda Automex II in its leather case. The action is smooth, the shutter is smooth and quiet and seems to still be accurate, the meter actually over-registers (which is rare for a selenium meter). You can adjust the meter on these by moving the gears beneath the shutter wheel cap or you can just choose a film speed which gives you a reading to match a known good meter. The focus screen is clean, the prism is wrong (but remember...it doesn't matter), the camera shows wear on the bottom plate...much wear plus a nick or two elsewhere. The self-timer works. The little red dot showing that the camera is cocked doesn't work. The film frame counter works. The lens is the 50mm 1.9, clean glass, smooth focus, snappy aperture. Case is good (but was for an Automex III). Comes also with a screw-on lens cap. I've taken excellent pictures with this camera and always enjoyed using it.
2. An Auto-Miranda 135mm 1:3.5 lens in the leather case with the hood and lens cover. Very nice condition but the aperture seems a bit lazy. The lens hasn't been used in over 2 years and may just need warmer weather and use or the blades may need cleaning. Always took great pictures.
3. A Soligor lens doubler in the leather case. Not for this model. Will fit, but the connection between the lens and camera metering device is lost. Nonetheless in good shape.
4. A small sack of filters...one Minolta UV filter (43mm), one Canon close-up filter (for rangefinder I believe...48mm, one Ednalite (unknown)
5. one 46mm new in the box Cokin diffuser 2.
6. one Portertown M42 135mm/2.8 lens. Sliding hood, smooth, no damage/no wear, good glass and takes great photos. Really good oof area.
7. one JC Penney M42 135/2.8 lens. Very good shape, smooth. Takes good photos.
8. one M42 Vivitar lens doubler in leather case with data sheet. Very nice with both caps.
9. one small sack of misc unknown filters...three with what looks like a lens hood (small)
10. Hanimex X324 flash unit. Worked fine last time I used it.

Please send me $30 in check, cash or money order and I'll be sure you get all the above fun stuff.