1. 25 / M
2. No
3. 20 / When my father passed away and I was left with his cameras. Made me feel connected to him in some way still.
4. Most-to-least used / Hasselblad 500C/M, Nikon N80, Nikkormat FT, Polaroid Colorpack III
5. Yes / Plain old Patterson tank processing.
6. I feel I have more control over the camera when my options are in my head and not buried in menus. I stop to consider the process of photography and take my time with images---there are many that I will spend minutes composing and ultimately decide are not worth it---leading to a better proportion of photos I am happy with, despite it being a "slower" medium. I love the grain of film, coarse or fine. I feel cameras were better made in the days of analog. I would rather spend my time playing with an enlarger than photoshop. I feel film emulsions respond more naturally to light than subjective built-in curve algorithms, giving better colours and contrast without unnatural saturation. I love that while I have lost thousands of image files on my computer and/or external hard drive, my negatives are a physical thing and do not corrupt.
7. Not overly suited for anything not done in extremely high volume/fast turnover. Not always best suited for web applications. Better for quality printing.
8. Yes