Hello everybody,

first of all i apoligize for my bad english and lack of "photographic words". I try to explain in a very subjectiv way and hope you can understand everything.

Actually i try to develope my one photography style and want to try out two "looks":

(espen Eichhöfer)

To me this style seems to have a yellow cast while the colour balance ist stil very good. In my opinion the colours also seem to be very saturated (for a colour negativ film). I almost seems to look like colour slide, but provia 400 x or colour slide with lower iso has a to "clear" look and is to sharp for this kind of style...and for a documentary work in medium format i belive both photographer would not work with 100-200 iso films...
My first idea was to overexposure colour negative (1 1/2 - 2 stops), develope normal and then print and soft paper.
Actually every film i tried ( Portra 400, fuji pro 400h and seems to be to soft) After scanning i try to increase the contrast, which does really look unnatural.
At the moment i have only possibility to scan on a imacon, but i more and more belive that this and the photographer below develope and print their work in a lab.

(Ute Mahler)

I dont have really an idea how to get this style. There is a lot of deep black, while the middle-tones seem to be some kind of soft. Colour balance is not flat and this goes more in a ducumentary style with no "over-beauty skintones"

I hope someone could help me.

Best regards,