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I've had a coworker and a few friends/aquantainces approach me about what I would charge to develop (B&W only) film and make some prints. I'd never really considered it so I said I'd have to look around and see what the going rate was. I've looked at Richard Photo Lab, and TheDarkroom.com to see what they charge.

The people asking would more than likely only be shooting 35mm. I'm iffy about offering scanning negs. Leaning towards not. Since this isn't a full blown business, here is what I'm thinking:

$15/roll 135 film. Customer gets developed negatives and a contact sheet on RC paper. Negatives will be stored in a Print File negative page. If they really want scanning, I'll probably tack on $5 per roll.

8X10 - $30 fibre, $15 RC per image. Duplicate prints $5 less.
I'd offer other sizes as well, smaller and larger than 8X10. I'm just using that as a base point.

Does that sound fair? My idea is to cover the cost of chemistry and paper, then have a little left. I wouldn't be doing a ton, but it woud be nice to do enough to completely offset the cost of my chemistry and paper in the darkroom.
I don't know about scanning, but I was getting $12 per RC 8x10 black&white in the 80s and early 90s. The worst thing you can do is underprice yourself.