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1. 74, Male
2. Did a lot of weddings, product photography & 'peoples toys' in the 60's through about 1995. Now, just for myself.
3. 1947
4. Mamiya Press, Nikon F, Rolleiflex, Yashica GSN, Holga, Minolta 110 (several).
5. Do all my B&W. I enjoy it and I get what I want.
6. I get no fun with Photoshop, and don't particularely like the results. After doing film for nearly 70 years, I think I'll stick to it.
7. Any subject is good.
8. Yes
If you also shoot digitally:
9. 95%
10. Things that are going on the web are done digitally. To me, that's only logical.
11. No more film available? Nah, then I would just coat my own plates.
You can answer directly in the thread or post me a message, whatever works. Thanks in advance!
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!