1. Age and gender - 43, Male
2. Do not shoot professionally.
3. Started shooting in the early 1980's.
4. Cameras: Currently have a Pentax 35mm autofocus SLR. Recently acquired an Imperial Debonair camera that uses 620 film; plan to build a 120 pinhole camera soon.
5. Film goes to the lab to be developed.
6. Why I shoot Analog: 35mm film contains up to 24 Megapixel equivalent resolution. Optical projectors show all that. Affordable digital projectors project less than 2 Megapixels. Why shoot high-res only to throw most of the information away when projecting? Also digital has a difficult time replicating the look and feel of black and white film due to interpolation necessary to convert to black and white. Plus film has full data for RGB for every pixel. Most digitally acquired images have data only for one of the three and the data must be interpolated.
7. Are there any particular subjects that you think that analogue photography is particularly suitable for: Everything except maybe action and very low light, where Digital wins hands down.
8. Will you continue to shoot analogically in the future? As long as there's film.

If you also shoot digitally:
9. 95% of my shots are
10. What is it that makes you not photograph only analogically? When it's just a quick photo, or low light.
11. Is there anything that could make you photograph analogically even more? Yep. Would love to get a TLR but since I can't afford one right now the pinhole will have to do.