Bob - I hear great wisdom in your response, and for that I am grateful. Yes, I was referring to Dalmatian Labs in my post about a local pro-lab, and they are really very good. Some of the prints I have seen in the lobby are really excellent. I don't plan to undercut their prices at all, and for what it's worth, I'm not interested in matching their offerings with regard to digital-FB. In fact, I'm not into hurting anyone's business - I believe that some competition would be good for everyone.

In the end, I'd like to remain committed to my photography side first and perhaps pursue the darkroom services as a part-time endeavor. Right now, I do own my own space and live above the darkroom (in my basement), but I would have to lease or borrow presentation space. I will carefully consider your excellent advice, Bob, thank you for your contribution.

NB23 - Are you making 15-20 from the same negative, or from different negatives? I'm finding that each new negative requires some studying before application and that takes more time.