By the way, if anyone bothers to actually read Rockwell's comment on Mamiya TLRs its not some comprehensive, detailed review and he does not even posture it as such. Its indeed an opinion on one set he once owned, and that's pretty much all he says. This is it in its entirely:

"Mamiya TLRs have been around for many decades.

Mamiya's TLRs are unique in that they have interchangeable lenses! Of course each lens is a pair of lenses.

I owned a C3 system and thought the lenses were the only medium format lenses I've ever used that were less than spectacular.

Mamiya TLRs are probably the best way to get a screaming deal for a multi-lens medium format system, but I never liked the lenses.

As of 2010, I'd pass on these because you can get Hasselblads for a song as well."