Just got mine from the bluejeh's (Ed & Judy). Very cute couple to send out postcards together like that and to get to see the stylistic differences of a couple that both enjoy photography.
I play around with 4x5 but my wife sticks to 35mm and does much better than me.

I like Ed's a lot. I only wish it had come closer to Easter. I looked up the meaning of "laetitia" and would guess it reads something like "you [are] the glory to Jerusalem you [are] the joy of Israel". I like the dark center surrounded by the lighter angels and was wondering if you burned the center in a bit.

I really liked Judy's, very nice abstract photo. Struggled for a bit to make sense of the window and wall and then gave up. It all works together. Obvious curvy distortions surrounded by subtle rigid ones. The grain is nice and the central shades as well.