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I'm trying to get a bit more flexibility in my kit, and today my concern is cross-branding a macro setup.

I have a Nikon SB-21 ringflash with its AS-14 adapter for standard hotshoe usage. This works fine on my F-65, but the ringflash was originally issued with an AS-12 adapter for the weird F3 flash shoe. On the F3, since I don't have an AS-12, I use the AS-14 on an AS-7 adapter, and it feels like a Rube Goldberg design but works fine.

I also have a Pentax K2, which is as close to the Nikon F3 that Pentax ever came, and is a really superb machine. It has true TTL off the film plane, which I would like to put to use with the SB-21.

I realize that I can simply try it out and see, which I am doing, but I'm curious whether the combination can be worrisome for the electronic components of either unit, due to proprietary design incompatibilities.

Does anybody know?

I am quite sure it would work but only in manual mode. No TTL of course because it's a Nikon and not a Pentax. The K2 has TTL meter for ambient light but not for flash. I would certainly think the LX is closer to the F3 than the K2. The K2 doesn't have motor drive (even if you have the K2KMD it's only 2fps), No interchangable viewfinder, no interchangable focusing screen, no 1/2000 shutter speed, no titanium shutter curtain.