Hi Mopar Guy,

Yes - this is high end- million dollar beach homes, yatchs, etc-

I was thinking 8 to 10 rolls of 120 in RB67-
5,6,7 hour session
whatever it takes-

then make the prints-one at a time - in wet lab- by hand-

Handcrafted by the artist-

marketed as boutique

I didn't want to undercut any other artists working in this style- which is why I am asking for pricing advice of the prints-

I had also been considering a mini-session: maybe 3 rolls of 120 and a one hour session-maybe up to two hours ?
This would be ideal for toddlers on the beach - or perhaps as an intro to silver gel fiber prints and a film based workflow.

No scans, no computer, no photoshop- Just traditional wet lab methods and alternative photography.

Granted - it is not for everyone; I guess I am looking for those clients who might like something a bit different, quirky,fun.

I am also working on a film based doc idea, and large fiber prints of surf and beach culture.
This would be a self funded documentary, and of course prints probably made on spec-
so I would love to hear imput and advice from those already selling this way- so as not to undercut fellow artists in the Outer Banks region.

My overhead costs are low, and my raw material CODB is similar to others purchasing film, chem, and paper-
so I guess it all goes back to marketing and the lifestyle we chose to live.

We can sell our art cheap and be the starving artist or we can price our art at rates that will afford us a decent living.

The choice is ours, hobby, business, follow your heart, follow your passion.

For me- I just love shooting film in vintage cameras from the 50's and 60's, and I hope I can find clients who think it is cool too !