I would like to add that I finally developed my first four rolls of T-MAX 400 in over eleven years. Yea! Most of it came back to me. (slight misload of one metal spool-5 pics-nothing important lost). I finally remember using only water on a stop bath in the past but this time I could not remember how to mix up my stop bath! No wonder. I never did for film. Then, I did something else I never did before. I poured the 32 oz of used fixer back into the half gallon container. I always used to just throw it away as a one shot. No big deal as I will re-use it next time. When I was done, I had to say, "this is photography"!
What throws me off now is remembering some film enthusiasts saying to scan the negs while in the Printfile sleeves to get an idea of what pictures to really persue. My scanner wants them in strips, with only two rows for the real scans. It won't accurately scan the Printfile sheet because I only get a negative appearance when I do that and not a positive photo to look at. Bummer, because I thought hybrid. Back in the film game now.