No problem. Glad to help.... As was said in other posts, since the meter on your FE is not coupled to the lens aperture ring when using pre-Ai lenses you have to set the aperture you want and press the depth of field preview button (lever). This will cause the aperture to stop down so you can get a true meter reading. I typically select the aperture I want in manual exposure mode, press and hold the DOF preview button, then adjust my shutter speed to get the correct exposure. Once it's set you can release the DOF button and take the shot. I always use manual exposure mode when I'm using stopped down metering. As GarageBoy says, to use aperture priority mode you can just hold down the DOF button compose and take your shot.

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Hi everyone, thanks again for your expertise and help. I am new to all this and learned lots about the different Nikon lenses and the the mechanics of the camera. I tried flipping the tab up and of course the 35mm fits like a treat. Now I need to figure out stop down metering (by reading the manual).

Lamar your photos were ESPECIALLY helpful. Thank you for uploading them.