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If money is no object, I think you could ask an artisan (one of those people making adapter rings or working lenses on your specifications) to convert a Leica back for you.

The basic logic should be entirely contained in the back.

The artisan should take a normal Canon AE-1Program back, a "normal" Leica digital back, strip the electronics from the Leica, and putting it to the Canon. It might be not very hard to do for a specialist.
Some flying wires might take energy from the winder or the artisan might adapt a battery compartment to the back.
The final result should not look very attractive but it might be possible to do it.
It's not quite that easy - the DMR is both a back and a winder contoured to the R body shape. It requires some signaling between the camera and the back to synchronize the exposure -- you want to reset the sensor just before the shutter fires and read out just after, otherwise you get a lot more noise. Since the AE1P lacks that signalling, it would have to be hacked in. The back also bulges out a lot more than the Canon back which would make the AE1P viewfinder a PITA to use. If you mainly want to use Canon FD lenses, there are much better solutions.