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I think the xenar is not an enlarging lens in the first place so that won't help.
This one is, but don't tell Armond at Freestyle who sold it to me in 1982, he'll want it back. I got it for a good price because it sat on the shelf for years, the aperture blades were out of their slots and my buddy Jim applied his employee discount.

My point is that a great enlarging lens, will have less flare than the lens I use. I figure one of the main differences in appearance between my contact prints and enlargements might be from the flare I get from the enlarging lens -- reducing contrast. Nevermind the circle of confusion and viewing distance issues that mean I "get" less depth of field in an enlargement -- because an APO lens won't solve that difference.

But an APO lens on the enlarger might help you match your contact prints more easily.