Just joined about a month ago... I would keep searching google for info on B&W process, and kept getting directed here, so why not join in on the fun. Hope i can contribute something useful. I moved to monterey county (salinas) in 2010, and decided to learn photography. i picked up an a-1 and decided i liked film. I bought a digital camera (gasp) and then decided to take a black and white course at hartnell. Well, that was a turning point. I love the dark... i mean, i love seeing the image appear, and feel drawn to what i see both in the darkroom and in my minds eye, which i've slowly learned to hone in on. I decided to go for medium format 'mamiya rb' and just love it. It's a beast, but one which i can say i enjoy bringing with me, even though it might mean a workout. Anyway, there you have it.