Good evening all,

Hope everyone's keeping well, I've missed being able to pop in here regularly and keep up with what's going on!

Well, I'm after some advice, I know this is a very subjective topic, but I thought I'd throw it open and see what inspiration comes my way...

I'm organising to get a week away to spend focused on photography and re-igniting my creativity. I know I know, a week is pretty lame considering I used to spend a month or so at a time in the outback, but I'll take what I can get! I've got family coming to relieve me of responsibilities back here, so I want to make the most of it.

What I'm hoping to get from you all is some inspiration as to where to head, keeping in mind it will probably be around July. All my usual favourites are a bit out of reach with only a week up my sleeve. I have always wanted to head up to Mungo (it was going to be my last adventure before letting my 4wd go a few years ago, but never eventuated), but being the middle of winter I don't know how accessible it'll be. Another thought, I have always tended to head inland (red dust is in my blood, after all), but I do love the coast, so maybe a rocky, stormy beach somewhere could be what I need to get going (partly inspired by one of Shane's pics from the last Melbourne meetup).

I'm open to all suggestions, some considerations to keep in mind: Vehicle based camping would be preferred, as nice as walk-in sites would be (I'm thinking the GOW), a weeks worth of supplies, on top of the essentials (ie, film, changing bag etc :P ) might be a bit much for me. Plus, I like to be able to nip into town for a counter-ie at least once). I'm on a bit of a budget too, so I'll try to keep accommodation to a minimum cost, but after usually paying a big fat nothing, I know pretty much anything down the coast will be a shock, especially since it will probably fall on the first week of the school holidays too...

So, have you got any favourite spots that get your creativity going? Coastal, Inland, Barren, Heavily wooded, I'll consider them all!

Thanks guys.