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Thanks for the link. This photographer you postet batwister has a colour palette i want definitly to avoid, beaceause it is this typically ugly-lookin portra/fuji 400h rated at 400 -look you can find everywhere.
Well, you've defintely got me thinking there, as I shoot Portra 400 at 400 I'm of course aware nearly every other photographer uses it, but it's not something I'm self-conscious about.

There are plenty of divergences to take in the darkroom/computer with the same source. So I don't think in terms of a 'Portra look', unless you mean Alec Soth et al. But, I'm so engrossed in Soth's pictures that I'm not thinking 'Portra... Portra, Definitely Portra.'. Even though they are like an advertisement for that film in many ways. As 'straight' as you can get.

I guess it depends where your headspace is. You think of 'colour palette' as inherent in the film, where I think of it as inherent in the photographer. The colour responsiveness of the film is incidental in my mind - you shouldn't be thinking "Well, Ektar is good with reds, so I'll shoot this scene with that. Portra is great with blues, so I'll shoot this scene with that." Or like I said in my first post, you'll just end up down the rabbit hole.

P.S. Ektar was still available at the time of this posting.