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Not really an appropriate suggestion for an APUG post, but if you have had enough of proper photography, the Sigma SD14 is not a bad choice.
Actually I was just pulling PDH's leg a little bit, but I get "that look" whenever I tell somebody I use a DSLR and it's made by Sigma. People seem to forget Sigma made some darn nice film cameras also. I just got done packing for a week long fishing trip in Michigan's north country and in my bag are one Rollei 3.5E, one Sigma SD9, one Sigma SD14 w/ 24-70mm f2.8 - 70mm macro f2.8 - 70-200mm f2.8. Since I have the Rollei for B&W film I have left my Sigma SA-7n home. I also do agree with you that you better have a pretty good understanding of lighting and exposure with the Sigma cameras. I might slip my old folding Ikonta with uncoated Tessar in my pocket before I go. That's the problem with being a camera junkie, you have a hard time deciding which gear to take. I'll have fun whether the fish bite or not. JohnW