1. 59. M.
2. Some professionally, local architecture and scenes, automotive material for magazine.
3. Started analogue 1976, switched to digital 2005, switched mostly back to analogue 2011.
4. Olympus OM1 (the most), Pentax ME Super, Rollei 35S, several cheap Canon bodies, Olympus lenses, (used with adapters on the Canons.
5. Yes, standard stuff, HC-110.
6. Analogue looks more like photographs than digital, found that I was "shotgunning", taking a lot of pictures and hoping one would turn out, don't like spending too much time on front of computer. like to work with my hands.
7. No, a skilled photographer can get good results with analogue shooting anything.
8. Yes.
9. 80%.
10. "Travel memory" shots, need photos quickly for magazine deadline, reproductions.
11. No, the only things I shoot digitally are what I have to, or don't care that much about.