Great post, I look forward to reading answers (although not the ones specific to the area you're mentioning).
Creativity is somewhat orthogonal to finding the right place and time for a good landscape shot, though, IMHO.

I remember a photographer whose creativity was to bring a chair (the exact same old beat-up chair) everywhere she went, and then taking a shot of the chair in the middle of forest/train station/hospital/desert/fields. I thought that made a very creative series.

I suppose you should start questioning your plan : what if I concentrated on a specific color, specific angle of view, close-ups or any other technique ? What if I shot myself in every picture (seen series like that) ?

There is also a saying that constraints nurture creativity, which I am a believer of, but I could not give a decent example of the top of my head.

All in all, I guess it helps if you bring some literature and not just the gear. Just my $0.02.