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That's the problem with being a camera junkie, you have a hard time deciding which gear to take.

Boy do I know whats that's like..
Yup! If I were sell off some of my cameras due to lack of use I could easily get rid of 75-80% of my collection. I'd still have 30 to 35 cameras left to play with and according to my wife that's still far to many. Many years ago I used to smoke and indulge heavily in alcoholic beverages, which might mean I've just swapped one addiction for another. I think my biggest problem is that I justify camera purchases by saying to myself and my better half, that I could have spent it on smokes and booze. Or I'll say look at all the money I've saved over the last 30 years by not indulging. What a vicious cycle we're in! Still, there are much worse things we could be doing. JohnW