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I bought a SA 7 after my F3 was rippped off at LAX after 9 11, Southwest would not allow by bring my camera bag on board as carry on. I dithered for several years, for the most part I shoot MF and LF and still had my M42 gear but could not make up mind about an AF body. I found the SA 7 as a kit at a shopping mall and on whim bought it thinking it would do until I decided on either Canon or Nikon. Found that I really liked the SA 7 and bought a SA 9 and few pro level lens. Although I have added Pentex auto focus to my gear, for travel the SA 9 is still a choice for me. Light, has mirror lock up, shoots at about 4 FPS, auto bracket exposure. The auto foucs is not good for sports but good enough for travel. I find my self shooting less and less color film, finidng it on the road, getting it processed so I cheat with the SD 14.
That's the one thing I really like about the SA-7n is it's a light weight. My has the pink focus screen/mirror syndrome, but I live with it. I never did get a good explanation as to why they turn pink-O? I don't think the SA-9 had the problem, but I've never owned one so really don't know. I will say one thing about owning Sigma cameras where I'm from and that is you're probably the only Sigma camera owner within 150 miles or more. It gets kind of lonely! Oh, and I'm sorry for your loss and I always get very P.O.'d when somebody rips me off. I too, shoot very little 35mm anymore and find medium and large format more to my liking. Don't tell anyone here, but digital has pretty much replaced what little 35mm I did shoot. JohnW