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That's the one thing I really like about the SA-7n is it's a light weight. My has the pink focus screen/mirror syndrome, but I live with it. I never did get a good explanation as to why they turn pink-O? I don't think the SA-9 had the problem, but I've never owned one so really don't know. I will say one thing about owning Sigma cameras where I'm from and that is you're probably the only Sigma camera owner within 150 miles or more. It gets kind of lonely! Oh, and I'm sorry for your loss and I always get very P.O.'d when somebody rips me off. I too, shoot very little 35mm anymore and find medium and large format more to my liking. Don't tell anyone here, but digital has pretty much replaced what little 35mm I did shoot. JohnW
Pink screen mirror syndrome? Dont what that is. My understanding is the the SA 7 and SA 9 are built on the same platform, only differnace is that he SA 9 has 1/8000 shutter speed and faster motor drive, but the SA9 uses a CR5 so there must be differances in the build as well. I think the mirror and screen are the same. Although a SA 7 was listed on Graigs list last year I have never any one else in Phoenix with a SA 7 or 9. I know a few folks who shoot Sigma SD 14 and SD 1s.