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Pink screen mirror syndrome? Dont what that is. My understanding is the the SA 7 and SA 9 are built on the same platform, only differnace is that he SA 9 has 1/8000 shutter speed and faster motor drive, but the SA9 uses a CR5 so there must be differances in the build as well. I think the mirror and screen are the same. Although a SA 7 was listed on Graigs list last year I have never any one else in Phoenix with a SA 7 or 9. I know a few folks who shoot Sigma SD 14 and SD 1s.
I have had two SA7's and both have the pink screen/finder/mirror problem. One was much worse than the other so I sold it and kept the worst one. On mine it seems to start on the bottom and work its way up. It starts out as a light-pink color when looking through the finder and it seems to get worse with age. It's still usable, but gives most of the bottom half of the finder screen a very pink cast. Like I said, I have never found out what caused it, but it might be some weird gases or glue or............?
I know of nobody in my area that uses either a Sigma film or digital camera. Now, there could be, but I just haven't run into them yet. JohnW