Hello Brett, I got an problematic Rolleiflex 2.8GX recently: the viewing lens is off focus on both 1m and infinity, I tried but it cannot be adjusted until I turn the original focus screen upside down(matt side up) as well as adjust the reflect mirror underneath a little bit, it is quite odd, now the viewing lens focus perfectly.
After the first test roll, I found many images taken at the minimum(1m)/close focal distance are out of focus that the actual focal point is about 5 centimeters further than the target, it is really annoying. So I found this post and tried to adjust the taken lens's focus(Thanks Helinophoto!!!), then the problem is, when both front and back taken lens group element are fixed tightly as they were when I got the camera( I guess nobody disassembled this camera before), the closest focal distance is exact 105CM instead of 100CM which it should be! The only way to make it 100CM is to loose the front element by three rounds, but I am sure it is not the right way. Could you please give me some advice? Thanks in advance!