I was just going on looks and the fact it fit the DII cone.

If it's a camera lens, then I'll be darned. All my prints from 4x5 are through it...

Still there are valid points to discuss about who needs to demand quality in an enlarging lens. I am willing to accept some lesser quality in my personal work, but I would want a better lens if I were to print for others.

Every once in a while I recognize some limitation I run up against, and the latest limitation is the match from proof to enlargement. My Red Cones enlargements, while they satisfy me in several ways, don't live up to the contact print. If I had never made the contact print, I wouldn't know what I was missing. I gave up scanning a long time ago for about the same reason, not wanting to be trying to match an unrealistic proof. So my new rule of thumb ... no more contact prints. By definition, I will have no unrealistic proofs to try to match.