16 May 2013

To All:

Some of you may remember that my Mom landed in the hospital on 30 March 2013. After a short stay she was transferred to a rehab facility. While at that facility she suffered a significant stroke that eventually took her life on 15 April. Dad and I were doing very well preparing for her Memorial Service on 11 May until ....

My Dad fell and broke his hip on 04 May. He had emergency surgery to place 3 screws in his hip. He is now in rehab for some time, maybe as much as 6 weeks. The good news is that we were able to get him to Mom's memorial service and celebration of her life on 11 May. He really enjoyed the events. He met with the surgeon today for his 1st post-op appointment. The wound is healing well, and he is cleared to do therapy that incorporated some weight bearing on that leg. But the saga continues ...

On 08 May Dad's brother Ted died (he lived in southern California). This was not unexpected, but still a shock to a man that has just lost his wife of 56 years, and just broke his hip. To complicate things I was designated as the executor and trustee of Uncle Ted's estate (a "black box" to me at this point). Uncle Ted's memorial is on 18 May.

This all to say that I am not sure when I will get my cards out this round. Certainly before September, I hope.