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I just thought I'd drop a quick note and say Hi. I am new to APUG, but old to film. My first camera was a 110 back in the late 70's and my 1st serious camera was a Ricoh XR-7 35mm SLR in 1981. Although I do have a DSLR, I find myself wanting to shoot with film more than the instant gratification of digital. Anyway, I am bringing my friend Jeri, who is relatively new to photography and very new to film. We both will be shooting 35mm, although I may throw in an old Kodak folder or two or maybe even my Eastar 120 TLR... We shall see you all Saturday morning and then again Sunday. Hoping to see Mat & Alex again, (and anyone else who attended!) who I recently met @ the FPP Walking Workshop in Findlay.
Welcome Kevin. Jeri is welcome, but I would be grateful if you would pm his whole name, address, email, phone# and an emergency contact. We just like to know who is here, has access to our home, etc.