Thank you so much for your responses. I think I'll try to buy the components individually; with the bleach coming from Macodirect as Polyglot suggested. It's the "using within a reasonable time" part that was concerning me most with the kits. From what I can see, the Tetenal kits are of the powdered variety, so you have to make it up all at once. With the 1litre kits, that's entirely feasible; but I'd rather buy at least 2litres at a time (5 litres if/when I decide I like the results/start shooting enough colour film). Two litres in a liquid concentrate would, hopefully, allow me to a) do a couple of test runs to begin with and b) only use what I need without having forked out between $20 and $50 for shipping for a lesser amount.
I'll go and check out those Fuji Hunt kits in the meantime. I think AG Photographic is where I started my search for kits with separate bleach and fix but quickly switched to other online shops when I couldn't see even a rough idea of how much shipping I'd be paying without actually putting in an order. (I'm a bit weird, if I can't see how much something is going to cost, I generally walk away to spare myself the embarrassment of asking and being told "Oh, that will be five quillion dollars, thank you very much!")

Thank you again for all of your replies. Given how up in the air I am with the direction I want to take...and haven't even shot any of the film Steve so kindly sold me recently, it will be interesting to see what I finally settle on.