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I've read many things about contax on the internet. I like to get some personal views not one regurgitated from website I bought contax I ver C somewhat working I'll send off to be cleaned. I've owned many cameras over the last thirty years I have leicas and contax both. I actually prefer contax II and IIa over leica screwmount cameras I think there simply better. I have a contax II I used for a long time and never snapped a ribbon yet. And you can get contax body and lens much cheaper then Leica. Anyone out there with personal experience with A Contax I ?

I had one, and used it quite a bit. I had no trouble with it, the fellow I got it from was a good technician and had gone over it. Here's what it comes down to with any old mechanism (assuming it's well designed and well made in the first place): How it's been treated. Have hacks got at it? Has it been properly maintained?
The Contax I was and still is a world-class camera. It will be just as good today as it was the day it left the factory if it has been properly treated and maintained.