Ok, I might regret this someday, but other projects beckon. I got this a few years back and it has created some of my finest negatives. Unfortunately, I've never quite bonded with the camera itself and after stepping back into LF, I find myself really wanting the view camera experience once again. But to be perfectly honest, this is going to help fund a Engagement ring, so there's that too.

I literally just got it back from Precision Camera Works who put in the new and improved prism (which Mamiya later released to the relief of camera repairmen), calibrated the rangefinder to each lens, and gave the body a full CLA since the advance mechanism and curtain weren't perfectly smooth anymore. Effectively this thing is better than new in some regards, as Mamiya later released parts to repairshops responding to user complaints. You can see the $400 invoice in the picture. Total rolls through the camera border on 250-350. That's it.

So here she is, Mamiya 7II body, 43mm lens with viewfinder and hood, 80mm lens (no hood...fell off a cliff), 150mm lens with hood, all caps, and the 135mm panoramic adapter. The lenses are LN condition and the body has a few little rub marks anf faint scratches on the bottom and one of the sides from handling and the tripod.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me, but wanted to get this off my chest as not to be distracted. This camera has treated me very well and the glass is simply astonishing, but alas, time to move on to different things. I'm asking $3,200, shipped here in the USA. I'll take care of packing and insuring it to whoever buys. Also, money will be fed back into APUG.

Thanks for looking,


MamiyaSet.jpgMamiya Front.jpgMamiyaBack.jpgMamiyabottom.jpg