Over the last year I've acquired some Xpres lenses.

The first is an 105mm f3.8 Xpres fitted to an Ensign 820 6x9 camera and is in the more modern version of the Epsilon shutter.

The second lens was bought at a camera fair a few months ago for 5 ($7.50), the one on the right below, it's coated and in a Ross Trikon shutter (similar to an early 3 speed Epsilon) it has flash sync, it's clearly a 105mm f3.8 Xpres but the engravins ghave been painted over (looks like at the time of production). I picked up a 6x9 Ensign Ranger at the next camera fair missing a lens (again for 5) but the Trikon doesn't have a shutter release arm. So while it fits the it's a compromise.

Now for the Enigma, I bought tthe lens on the left from a friend yesterday, it's a 107mm Ensar Anasigmat f3.8, in an early Ensign Epsilon shutter, it's uncoated and the shutter has no flash sync, it has a low serial number as well.

This f3.8 Ensar lens isn't listed in any of the Ensign adverts or the Vade Mecum, although Ross did make f4.5 versions, it's clearly an early uncoated version of the 105mm Xpres, the front and rear cells are the same. There's no references to this lense anywhere, so quite strange.

It will fit nicely on the Ensign Ranger which is of similar age. I'm tempted to swap the lens elements though.